Programs & Curriculum

The Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center offers daytime field trips for grades K-12, Outdoor Science School for grades 5-8, and customizable programs for select schools.

Come bring your class to us for an academic field trip, and add a recreational element in a beautiful, fun, and educational setting. If you want an overnight, academic experience bring your school to us for Outdoor Science School. Our programs provide activities such as wacky science experiments and sustainability exercises. Students make whole-Earth discoveries and explore their place in it.

Academic programs for K-12 grades are aligned with California State Content Standards with a focus on science and social studies while also meeting standards in language arts, math, physical education, and visual and performing arts.

Our curriculum covers various topics from Geology, Ecology, Sustainability, Chemistry, Forensics, Astronomy, and Environmental Studies. The Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center works closely with the community to provide a high-quality program for all youth.