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Entering IROEC

How do I get into the IROEC?

Once an event is booked with the IROEC, you will be provided a gate code (IE: #1234). This will allow you to enter both Irvine Regional Park, as well as Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center. When entering the code make sure to hit # first.

How do I book a tour of the facility?

Tours are not available at this time. 

We would love to show you around our beautiful facility, but we do need a designated staff member to take you around the property. Please contact our administration office at 714-923-3191 or info@iroec.org for booking details. We schedule tours on Friday afternoons from 11:30am to 2pm.

What are the Irvine Regional Park’s hours?

  • Summer park gate hours 6:00am – 9:00pm
  • Winter park gate hours 6:00am – 6:00pm

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How do I make a reservation?

We are so excited that you would like to join us! To make a reservation request you can fill one out online or call our office at 714-923-3191.

When is the final head count and payment due?

Final payment is due 30-days prior to your event and final attendance is due 14-days prior to your event.

How long does it take to hear back after a request is submitted?

We typically respond to all reservation requests within 3-5 business days.

Do you rent A/V equipment?

Please check our pricing guide to see what comes with your meeting space. There may be an additional fee for use of A/V.

Can we use the field to play games?

The field is a shared space. Please ask the reservations department if the field will be open for your event.

Where do I check-in for my event?

All groups and guests must check-in at the administration office. Participants may be dropped off in the round about and parking will be in the main lot. Medical forms for each guest will be collected at this time.

What is the latest time we can leave?

You are welcome to leave the facility at any time. Irvine Regional Park has an automatic gate that opens when you exit, just like a gated community. If you need to enter after the park hours have closed, please contact our staff at 714-478-9682. Our guest service team is available to assist you between the hours of 7am and 10pm.

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Camping & Cooking

Can I bring a dutch oven?

Unfortunately, we only permit electric or gas grills. We do not allow wood or charcoal within our facility.

What are the table measurements?

  • Picnic tables are: 28 ½ inches wide. 98 inches long.
  • 8 foot tables are: 8 ft. by 28 inches wide.

Do you have picnic areas?

We have pavilions that are available to rent hourly. All areas need to be reserved prior to arrival.

When is quiet time?

Quiet time is 10:00pm till 7:00am. We ask that all guests return to their sleeping areas by that time.

Can we use the fire pits to cook?

Since the fire pit is propane it should not be used for cooking. Guests are welcome to bring propane-fueled cooking supplies.

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What do we need to bring if we are staying in the bunkhouse?

It is strongly recommended to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towel and toiletries as the IROEC does not provide these items.

How many rooms does the bungalow building have?

  • 2 Suites, 6 Bungalow Rooms (linens included)
  • Suites – 2 twin beds and 1 queen bed
  • Bungalow Rooms – 2 full beds

What does each bungalow room come with?

  • Each room has a restroom with shower.
  • Bedding and towels are included.
  • Suites have a mini refrigerator​.

Does the bungalow building have air conditioning?

Yes, the entire building is air conditioned. It does have control access only in certain rooms. For example, each of the suites control themselves, but the individual rooms each have shared AC controls.

Is bottled water allowed in all lodging spaces?

Yes. We recommend that groups bring reusable water bottles.

Are there water fountains to refill bottles?

We do have water fountains throughout the facility and igloos at program areas. We recommend that all groups bring reusable water bottles since cups are not provided with the igloos.

Is there a refrigerator in the bungalow building?

Yes there is in the Mountain Lions Den which must can be rented for a half day or full day. The full-size refrigerator is located in the common room with a sink and microwave. Each of our two suites contain a mini fridge.

Is food allowed in the bunkhouses?

Yes, you can have snacks in the bunkhouse. However, we do recommend keeping everything off the floor and sealed, at all times. We have plenty of critters that would also like to share those snacks with you. We recommend leaving doors closed at all times.

When is quiet time?

Quiet time is 10:00pm till 7:00am. We ask that all guests return to their sleeping areas by that time.

Do the bunkhouses have air conditioning?

The bunkhouses have heating, but do NOT have air conditioning. We provide a box window fan in each bunk room during the summer or warm periods.

What is the capacity and how many rooms does the bunkhouse have?

The bunkhouse can sleep up to 48 people. There are four rooms total (9 bunks, 7 bunks, 5 bunks, 3 bunks).

What is the bunkhouse common room and what is in it?

The common room is the main lounge/meeting area in each bunkhouse has a couch and sofa chairs, storage cabinets and a sink in the counter.

If we rent the bunkhouse do we share with other groups?

When you rent the bunkhouse you do not share with other groups. The only time a bunkhouse is shared is for IROEC staff run programs when our counselors are staying in the bunkhouse.

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Food & Dining Hall

When is meal time?

All groups must arrive at the start of meal time to be guaranteed meal service. Meals are served promptly at 8:00am, 12:00pm, and 5:30pm.

Who can eat in the Harrison Lodge dining hall?

Groups that make a reservation at least two weeks in advance. Availability of meals is not guaranteed when making a reservation. Meals are reserved first for those booking the bunkhouses and the bungalow building. Camping groups requesting meals are reviewed based on availability.

Can we have pizza delivered?

Yes, if you could please notify our staff of any deliveries that will be occurring. We will be happy to.

Can we have a catering company on site? Other vendors like face painting, bounce houses etc.?

Third party companies are not allowed on-site without approval from the reservations department at least two-weeks in advance of the event. Additional fees will be applied and vendor documentation required. Please request the vendor approval form.

Can we use the kitchen?

Our kitchen is not available to rent. If you would like to reserve meals it will be based on availability for the time you are booking. Meals are reserved first for those booking the bunkhouses and the bungalow building. Camping groups requesting meals are reviewed based on availability.

Can we use the kitchen refrigerator to store our food?

Due to health department restrictions groups are not permitted to store food in our kitchen refrigerator. Please refer to our dietary guidelines for details.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Please share all guest dietary restrictions with the IROEC at least 14 days before your event date. The IROEC is a nut-safe kitchen facility with a no-fish menu. We provide vegetarian options, but are unable to guarantee gluten-free, non-dairy, sugar-free or vegan meals. There is always a wide variety of food options at every meal. All groups need to be present at the beginning of the meal time.

What is the menu?

Camp Menu



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Aquatic – Pool Area

Is the pool a shared space?

Our aquatic area contains dual pools and water slide and is a shared space for the groups who have made reservations.

Do you have lifeguards?

Yes, we staff lifeguards which will vary on the amount of people in the pool.

How long is your water slide?

This unique water slide is 185 ft with 5 turns and starts nearly 2 stories high. All guests must be 4 feet to go on it.

Are floaties or toys allowed in the pool?

Water wings are not allowed. Please bring a personal flotation device if needed. Life jackets and PFDs must meet US Coast Guard regulations.

Can parents observe at the pool without paying?

Each person who enters the pool area will be included in the cost of the pool. The IROEC staffs enough lifeguards for those swimming in the pool and on the pool deck for safety and security. We keep the standard to ensure all lifeguards are keeping proper safety guidelines.

How deep is the pool?

  • Large pool: 3 ½ – 7 feet deep
  • Small pool: 3 ½ feet deep

How many people can fit in the pool area?

Capacity is 64 total in the pool and on the deck. This may vary depending on the amount of available lifeguards.

Is the pool heated?

Yes, between 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do participants have to take a swim test?

A swim test is required to enter the deep end for swimming. However, we do not currently offer swim lessons during our recreational swim time.

How old do they need to be to swim?

Participants need to be out of diapers.

Is food allowed in the pool area?

Food is not allowed in the pool area.

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Zip Line Experience

What is the age & weight requirement for zip line?

The zip line age and weight requirement is 5 years and 50-275lbs.

How many participants get to go at once?

The zip line area consists of 4 lines. The number participants going simultaneously will depend on your reservation.

How long is the zip line session?

The entire zip line session is 50 minutes.

How long is the zip line?

It is a 10-14 second ride and is about 1,000 feet horizontal.

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Shooting Ranges

What type of ranges are at the IROEC?

The IROEC has both an archery and a BB-gun shooting range.

Is there an age requirement for the ranges?

Yes. All participants must be 8 years or older to shoot by themselves. Participants who are 5-7 years old will need a 1-to-1 adult assisting them. An IROEC staff member does not count.

Can I bring my own BB-gun or archery bow?

We love that you are dedicated to this sport and learning on your own! Unfortunately, the only equipment allowed on our ranges must be owned by the IROEC is allowed to be used on the ranges. We maintain all of the equipment year round to provide the best experience possible.

How many people can go per session?

Each range has 16 targets that allows for up to 16 participants at any one time.

How long is a shooting sports session?

Each of our range sessions are 50 minutes.

Can we switch shooting sport sessions and move between the two ranges?

Each of our ranges are run as individual activities, thus they need to be booked as separate events.

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Additional Questions

Do you do weddings?

We do not hold weddings. IROEC is a youth-organization based facility.

How big is your BBQ pit?

Charcoal bbq is 2 ½ feet by 12 feet.

It is the only area in camp where charcoal is allowed.

Can I bring alcohol or tobacco into camp?

Alcohol and intoxicating substances are prohibited in camp. It is a violation of BSA policy to consume alcohol or intoxicating substances. Campers who are caught with alcohol or any such substance in their possession will be escorted from the property with no warnings or refund provided. For safety and health reasons, smoking and vaping are not allowed in camp.

Can we bring bikes?

Yes, all bike riding guests are required to wear helmets and closed toed shoes. Bikes are not allowed to be ridden past the bridge to the camping hill.

Can we retire flags there?

No, we do not allow flags to be retired in our fire pits since they are propane. If you would like to retire a flag, please bring it to the Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America office.

What is the weather policy?

Weather Policy: The IROEC is an all‑weather facility and runs programs 24/7 all year long, rain or shine. The majority of our recreation activities can still be achieved in inclement weather, including rain. Alternative activities are employed when necessary.

We encourage you to prepare for the anticipated weather conditions during your reservation date(s) and to communicate this information to your event participants. Please refer to the cancellation policy for procedures concerning credit or refund of funds.

Extreme Conditions: The safety of our guests and staff is our top priority and we will only run programs when it is safe to do so. In the event of fire, flood, or extreme weather conditions, the IROEC may elect to close an area(s) for safety reasons. The decision to close and the duration of such a closure is at the sole discretion of the IROEC. If such a closure makes it impossible for you to complete a scheduled activity, you may request a credit, refund or reschedule of cancelled activities for those areas affected by that closure.

Where is the nearest hospital?

For any emergency please call 911, then our after hours number 714-478-9682. The closest facility for immediate assistance is the Chapman Medical Center, Orange (Cross streets, Chapman and Yorba).

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