Preparation for Groups

We are excited to have you as our guest! To help make your stay an enjoyable one, we have put together some information so you can better prepare for your trip.

Please read this entire section and forward it on to all parents attending and dropping off youth, as it answers many questions that they and you have.

Preparing for Camp

Guaranteed attendance numbers are due fourteen (14) days in advance of your event.

Your final balance is due 14 days prior to your event date. The IROEC accepts payment via credit card or check. Checks should be made out to IROEC / OCBSA. Please review the Payments, Cancellations and Refunds Policy on your agreement.

The Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center (IROEC) is only accessible through Irvine Regional Park. Entry is permitted from 6:00am to 9:00pm daily or 6:00am to 6:00pm during winter hours. If you or your guests request to enter the facility outside of these hours you will have to set this up in advance with the Event Director. Guests are able to exit the facility at any time.


Please pack lightly and be prepared to make a couple of trips to bring all of your gear to your site or accommodations.

ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST WEAR STURDY, CLOSED-TOE SHOES AT ALL TIMES (no sandals, Crocs, slippers or flip flips, etc. except in the Pool area). Comfortable attire is recommended.

Be sure to pack a reusable bottle for water to help support our sustainability efforts at the facility. We provide water at our recreation program areas, but paper cups are NOT provided.

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Getting Here

Each guest must have a gate code to enter the park. Please visit our directions page to learn more information.

Directions >

Check-In Procedures

Follow the road through camp past the roundabout. Staff will complete your health screening and give you additional instructions and information. You will receive fire pit keys, maps of the facility, and group wristbands.

Each cohort or group will be assigned a check-in time. Guests not able to arrive during their scheduled timeframe must prearrange with IROEC or wait to check-in until business hours the following day.

For Adventure Hill campsites, a luggage cart will be assigned to each group. Put any large or heavy luggage in the cart and Guest Services will bring it to your campsite once it is filled. If you need immediate access of your luggage, we have hand carts available or you may feel free to walk your luggage up. We do not make multiple luggage cart trips and cars are not allowed up the roads to the bunkhouses/campsites.

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Recreational Activities

A completed and signed BSA Medical Form AB must be onsite with cohort leadership for the duration of your stay.

Closed toe shoes must be worn at all program areas including archery and BB gun ranges, zip line, climbing wall, and challenge course. Trained program team members direct the programs in these locations and their instructions must be followed at all times.

Certified lifeguards oversee all aquatic activities. All rules given by the lifeguards must be followed for each person’s safety. All ages out of diapers are welcome. The height requirement for the water slide is 48 inches. Groups will be required to use one pool at a time if the current pool capacity is less than 50 participants.

Medical Form AB >

Meal Service

To-go meals may be available by request during the reservation process only.

Meals are served promptly at 8:00am, 12:00pm, and 5:30pm, unless an exception has been made by our Events Director and/or Food Service Director.

All meals, whether provided by IROEC or guests, must be prepared, served, and enjoyed according to the cohort model.

General Rules

  1. Check-in: Refer to Health and Safety Guidelines for information regarding the check-in process. Guests not able to arrive during their scheduled timeframe must prearrange with IROEC or wait to check-in until business hours the following day.   
  2. Cohorts and Social Distancing: Cohorts are a maximum of 16 guests and must not interact with other cohorts including those within the same reservation. Cohorts will be identified with separate wristbands which must be worn for the duration of the visit. See Health and Safety Guidelines for additional information.
  3. Alcohol, Tobacco, Vaping, and Drugs:
    • Alcohol and illicit drugs, including marijuana, are strictly prohibited as is arriving on site under the influence. Any violator will be escorted off property. If any alcohol beverage container(s) or other paraphernalia is discovered after check-in, a $500 policy violation fee will be charged. 
    • Smoking and vaping are not allowed on IROEC property. The entire IROEC facility is “smoke free”.  
  4. What not to bringPetsweapons of any kind; personal sports equipment (unless permission is granted in advance); sandals (except on the pool deck). Closed-toe shoes are always required while on the property. 
  5. Camp-wide Emergencies: A single, long blast of an airhorn will be used to gather the attention of all guests and staff on property. If the sound is heard, immediately stop and await further instructions from staff. If you are not near staff, report to the First American Field immediately. 
  6. Evacuation: For any immediate disaster, call 911 and Guest Services. Have another member of the group gather all members on the First American FieldCreate a list of all who are gathered as well as a list of those missing. Inform emergency personnel and IROEC staff of the name, age, and identifying characteristics of the missing person(s).  Wait on the field for further instructions.  Do not attempt to leave on your own! 
  7. Medical Situations: In the event of a medical emergency, CALL 911 and then call Guest ServicesIROEC staff will open gates in advance and communicatwith emergency medical staff. Each group to be responsible for their own minor first aid, non-life-threatening emergency transportation, and having a group member certified in First Aid and CPR. First aid kits as well as an AED are in the First Aid office and the aquatic office. All major illnesses and injuries MUST be reported to staff. 
  8. Fires: Woodcharcoal, and candle burning is strictly prohibited. Gas pits are not to be used to burn items such as paper, food scraps, wood, etc. Our location is a hazardous fire area. A “Fuel Modification Zone” is maintained around the developed area of the IROEC and all buildings have fire sprinklers. Outdoor fires are restricted to the gas fire pits provided at the campsites and the amphitheater. Propane cooking stoves are permissible in campsites. If you become aware of a fire – if you see/smell a fire or hear an activated fire alarm – call 911 immediately. Orange County Fire Authority and Orange City Fire Department will respond. Direct your group away from the fire and to the American Field. Call Guest Services. 
  9. Vehicles: You may drive and park in designated areas only. Do not pass any gates. No driving is allowed in camp, unless permitted in advance by IROEC staff. Off-road vehicles are prohibited. 
  10. Gates: Irvine Regional Park’s main gate is closed from 9pm to 6am during Day Light Saving, and 6pm to 6am Pacific Standard Time. Any attempt to enter the park after hours will require a member of your group to activate the gate sensor from inside the park. IROEC staff will not allow group members to enter after hours.  
  11. Buddy System and Supervision:  All IROEC visitors must maintain groups of three (3) or more while on site, regardless of age. Minors must always be supervised. Please have a plan in place for disciplining those who cannot abide by the Buddy System. 
  12. Boundaries and Limitations: Guests should not be on or near any program area without staff supervision. Koll MountainOak Woodlands, and Tower hikes require staff guides. Guests should not pass the campsites on Adventure Hill or leave paved trailHiking is permitted in Irvine Regional Park according to park rules. 
  13. Keeping on Schedule: It is imperative that your group arrives early to all program areas. Missed or late arrivals to program sites cannot be made up due to safety concerns and scheduling conflicts. 
  14. Meals: IROEC to-go meals are available by request during the reservation process only. All meals, whether provided by IROEC or guests, must be prepared, served, and enjoyed according to cohorts.  
  15. Trash: Keep trash in cans with lids on them to prevent animal and insect access. If more trash is generated than can be held in trash cans, call Guest Services for assistance. Drink cans and bottles should be separated for recycling. Help us use our bins and dumpsters appropriately by following the signs located on each. 
  16. Quiet Time: Sunday through Thursday – 9pm; Friday through Saturday – 10pm. Keep noise to a minimum out of respect to our neighbors and fellow guests. Remember: Local wildlife may be visible if noise is limited. 
  17. Light Pollution: It can spoil everyone’s experience, frighten away wildlife, and disturb our neighbors. Keep the use of flashlights and lanterns to a minimum and allow your eyes will adjust to the dark. 
  18. Orchards & Garden: Do not pick the fruit or vegetables unless supervised by an IROEC ranch staff member. 
  19. Wildlife: (Notify Guest Services of any encounters) 
    • Rattlesnakes – If you encounter one coiled to strike, stand very still until it uncoils and moves away – then move in the opposite direction. Keep as much distance between yourself and any snake as possible. Use caution when moving planks, rocks, or logs by hand. Don’t reach into holes in the ground, rocks, or trees.  
    • Mountain lions generally only move through this area between August and October when water is scarce. If you see one moving close to your group, flail your arms and legs, appear as large as possible, and make loud noises.  If the lion continues to approach, throw rocks and other objects and make loud noises.  
    • Bobcats will avoid you. Any loud noises will scare it away.
    • Coyotes live in packs and are nearby. If you maintain the Buddy System (group of 3 or more) you will have no problem with coyotes. 
  20. Keys: All keys need to be returned at time of check-out before leaving the property. A $25 charge for fire keys not returned. This fee will be added to your invoice and payment must be made at check-out. 
  21. Lost & Found: IROEC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items brought on property by guests. If an item is lost, contact Guest Services. All items found will be held by IROEC for seven (7) days. 
  22. Furniture: All furniture, including picnic tables, must not be moved by any guest or participant. 
  23. Site Check-out: Guest Service will check your group out of the facility at departure time. The group leader and staff will inspect the facilities used by the group for damage and/or trashing. If found, guests will be responsible for paying the cost of repairs/clean-up. The amount established will be at the IROEC’s discretion. 

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