Volunteer Opportunities

Boy shoveling oranges from an orchard at Irvine Ranch's Day of Service
Kids smiling by recycling bin at Irvine Ranch's Day of Service


Volunteer support from individuals in our community is vital to our organization. Opportunities for individuals include maintaining the orchard, service projects around the property or joining our advisory board.



Whether a civic group, church group, team or business, the Outdoor Education Center has volunteer opportunities for groups of people including manning the Food Forest or service projects around the property.


College Students

Join the IROEC CommuniTree as an intern or extended term volunteer! The IROEC is an approved internship site through multiple schools where students receive college credit for hours completing specific projects at the IROEC that align with their educational objectives and career goals.


Because after all, the Earth is the one thing that we all have in common and share in our daily lives. It’s time to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.Zach

This past year, the three of us enrolled and completed an Environmental Science course at our school. Throughout the course, we were able to learn the basic fundamentals of environmental sustainability and how we as students can make an impact within our society……Looking back upon our experiences here at the ranch, we were able to implement what we have learned from the classroom and apply it here in the great outdoors.Nathan

There is a special connection that children get when interacting with something hands on, and the educational value that they get from it is something that they would never get out of a textbook… For us, we learned the science behind composting in our environmental science class, but it wasn’t until we got to redesign a new composting system that we realized how it actually worked in a real life setting and how important it was as a fertilizer, reducer of methane emissions, and waste.Zach

Volunteer With IROEC