Weekend Immersions

If you are looking for a fun activity that your group can also learn about the world around them, look no further than our weekend immersions. We offer three different immersions highlighting our most sought after programs.

If you are looking for a school field trip please visit our schools section for more information.

Recreational Wacky Science Program

During our Wacky Science Immersion participants will watch and learn about scientific concepts in exciting and engaging ways. They will learn about the movement of molecules with thermal energy in can implosion. They will learn about Isaac Newton while playing with Oobleck. Finally, they will learn about physical and chemical changes while launching their very own canister cannon! Join us for a thrilling session of Wacky Science!

Girl using a K-Test for science

Recreational Ranch Program

At the IROEC Community Food Forest, children enter a vibrant agricultural ecosystem that nourishes human beings while protecting habitat for endangered species. Students explore native plants in the understory of our Food Forest and discover the role that wildlife plays in helping us maintain a healthy and diverse agroecosystem. Additionally, students are able to forage berries and harvest veggies, investigate the living compost system, and experience the wonder of photosynthesis! In the end, participants learn the important lesson that if we take care of the earth, the earth will take care of us!

Two campers leaning over to look at vegetables in the Food Forest

Recreational Mine Program

During our Mine immersion participants will learn and re-live a crucial part of California’s history, the California Gold Rush! They will experience a day in the life of a 49’er by joining a mining consortium to panning for gold and mining for coal. They will even be paid for their services with a vial of gold (pyrite) for their efforts. Be ready to get dirty!

Kids mining at Irvine Ranch

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