High School EcoCorps

EcoCorps participants work collaboratively in teams by investing their brain power and pouring their sweat equity into creating real-world solutions to environmental issues such as species decline, climate change, habitat loss and desertification. Through projects such as composting, pollinator conservation gardens, soil stewardship, aquaponics, beekeeping, and sustainable farming, EcoCorps students take their book knowledge on biology and environmental science and become positive agents of change as stewards of local ecosystems.

EcoCorps students complete 6-week programs in which they fulfill a minimum of 15 service hours by working on team projects on areas such as aquaponics, agroforestry, beekeeping, pollinators gardens, greenhouse building, composting, educational outreach and more.

For more information, please contact outdoor@ocbsa.org.


High School EcoCorps volunteers gardening

High School EcoCorps volunteer gardening